About Me...

Me in July 2008 with the
two ladies who can call
me "Grandpa":
Anastasia Marie Gilchrist
and Cailynn Rose Klemm


Ken Klemm? Who Am I?

Just a guy who has been seeking freedom for 46 years.

I clearly remember my Christmas wish was to be Free, Free to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I escaped into worlds of fantasy, first The Hardy Boys, then Lord of the Rings, while reading I was Free.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, attended Northeast High School and Temple University College of Music. While there, I enjoyed many wonderful performance experiences, worked in retail, gas station management, restaurant management, and drove a taxi. I also began my first venture in network marketing as an Amway distributor. I sought Freedom away from Philly.

After marrying at age 27, I moved to the "Quiet Corner" of Northeastern Connecticut. I had the privilege of raising two amazing children, Cynthia and Jeremy. I worked in restaurant management, insurance and financial services, security, and network marketing. I started and grew a successful home-based business doing graphic design and marketing printing services. I began to dabble in website design and maintenance. Heavily involved in my community, I moderated political debates, served as Master of the Brooklyn Grange, President of the Brooklyn Grange Fair, President of the Brooklyn Little League, and Assistant District Administrator for CT District 11 Little League. In 1990 my wife and I were named National Grange Young Couple of the Year and enjoyed traveling around much of the country attending Grange Youth events.

Continuing my passion for music, in my spare time I functioned as a recording producer, arranger, engineer, keyboard artist, and vocalist. I sang with a vocal quartet known as both "New Vintage" and "Well-Seasoned". I also developed a passion for baseball and softball and became a professional softball umpire, working high school, college, and adult league games.

After surviving a stroke and brain surgery for a tumor at age 45, my graphic design business dwindled and I was divorced. Freedom from my life of almost 20 years, I guess.

Seeking freedom again, I became immersed in the world of Internet Marketing and learned many things that do not work - and a few that do.

When my mother suffered a stroke, I left my life in Connecticut behind and moved back to Philadelphia to be near my aging parents and their siblings and look after them. I resumed softball umpiring for schools in the Philadelphia area, and visit my children and granddaughters in Connecticut as often as I can.

My search continued and in 2005 I entered the universe of Network Marketing. I could sense Freedom in the Successful Gurus. What I could not do was duplicate the process – after 14 vain attempts and untold thousands of dollars spent buying “secrets” from many so called mentors. Why did I keep on this path? Easy answer – the few I met along the way that were truly successful had an amazing amount of Freedom in their life. I wanted that.

I learned that the true path to financial freedom lies in helping people. I wanted it, needed it as much as I need oxygen.

Then I met my mentor and today my close friend. I purchased over 100 books on Network marketing and eventually found this one http://mybook.mentorken.com for free. Imagine that, If You are as am I, a seeker of Freedom, start now on the right path – read this book http://mybook.mentorken.com .

In 2010 I lost patience with the snow in Philly and moved to Spring Hill, Florida where I am a full-time Professional Merchant of Hope and author.

Me with my mentor, Michael Dlouhy,
St. Thomas, February 2009